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+About Us
Haiyan Garment Material Co.,ltd is established by Ming Fai Garment Material Co.,ltd. Ming Fai has invested in two factories with large scale and great strength in china, which are located in Quanzhou City,Fujian province and Rujin City,Jiangxi Province respectively. We can produce more than 100,000,000pieces hangers each year for the garment industry. Under sophisticated management system, we have earned a high reputation in having quality goods,reasonable prices,punctual delivery and goods services.
Haiyan Hanger
About Us

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Haiyan Hanger

Metal hook hanger Plastic hook hanger Trousers rack Suit hanger Plastic hook Size

Minghui Ribbon

Metal hook hanger 1 Plastic hook hanger Trousers rack Suit hanger Plastic hook Size

Contact us

Room 18,Floor 10,HuangXing Building,FengZe District,QuanZhou City,FuJian Province ,China